Founded in 1989, Moldpro, Inc is a successful, privately owned custom molder of thermoplastics. In 2006 MoldPro began offering a line of instrument specific autosampler tubes, cups and vials. Initially supporting tribology and wear metals laboratories we quickly extended our support to the broader inorganic analytical laboratories market. Our ongoing focus continues to be consumables commonly used in metals, inorganic and wet laboratories. Today this line includes autosampler tubes, digestion vessels, sample cups and titration beakers. Our products fit autosamplers and sample processors used with leading brand ICP, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, RDE-OES, mercury analysis, graphite digestion blocks, auto analyzer, FIA, IC and titration instruments.

Our products are used in applications such as water/wastewater analysis, oil and grease analysis, metals analysis and hazardous waste analysis. Analytical techniques supported by our products include atomic absorption (AA), inductively coupled plasma (ICP/ICP-MS), ion chromatography (IC), sample preparation, tribology, elemental analysis and titration.

Our value proposition is simple; being a manufacturer we can offer significantly lower prices than instrument manufacturers, catalogue or distributor sources. We currently supply more than 250 analytical laboratories so we are confident our products will work for you. We have extensive experience in researching and finding best freight options. Depending on the quantity ordered we’re often able to identify methods that can reduce freight costs up to 50% compared to UPSG and FedEx rates - further reducing landed cost for our clients.

Instead of spending time and energy figuring out how to absorb or pass-on rising costs why not take this opportunity to reduce a cost?


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