MoldPro autosampler cups, tubes, vessels, vials and bottles are molded from premium grade polypropylene for impact strength and resistance to common acids, alkalis and solvents. Our products are equivalent to OEM and fit most manufacturers’ instruments including Cetac, Agilent, Perkin Elmer, Dionex, Lachat, Environmental Express, SCP Science, Cannon, Spectro Scientific, Thermo Scientific and others.

Laboratory Plasticware

Digestion Vessels & Accessories

Digestion vessels are certified to class A volume accuracy, include a metals background report and are compatible with leading brand graphite block digestion systems.

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Autosampler Cups

MoldPro autosampler cups are what you would expect from OEM consumables but are a superior value. Good acid resistance, excellent visibility and made from virgin polypropylene.

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Viscometer Vials

MoldPro viscometer vials for Cannon CAV and Viscol-10AS Automatic Kinematic viscometers. Our viscometer cups are made from virgin polypropylene and easily withstand ASTM D 445 temperature range of 15-100C.

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Titration Beakers

Our aftermarket titration sample cups have been tested and proven in automatic sample delivery systems and are excellent alternatives to higher priced OEM and other aftermarket consumables.

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Autosampler Tubes

Autosampler tubes & caps are manufactured for 60 and 90 position sample introduction systems including Cetac, Elemental Scientific, Agilent, Lachat, Leeman Labs, PerkinElmer, Spectro, Thermo, Dionex, Gilson, and Varian.

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Ion Chromatography (IC) Sample Vials

IC sample vials are made from virgin polypropylene with an extremely low metals background. Sample vials include a reliable pierce cap feature.

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RDE Sample Holder

OEM equivalent RDE Sample Holders from MoldPro are made with polypropylene homopolymer and packaged 1000 cups/pack. Used for sample presentation, manually or with D2r2.

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